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Drinks and Dinner at Cafe Jade Lagos : A Restaurant Review


Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog *in a youtuber’s voice lol. So i finally visited one of Instagram’s cool spots : Cafe Jade.

I visited Cafe Jade twice within a week, first time was on a Tuesday afternoon with Thonia and on a Thursday night with Paul. I’ll be sharing both my experiences below

It’s located at No 7 Caroline Atounah Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

It’s not the easiest to find as it’s situated in a residential area and there’s no sign or anything to let you know when you’ve arrived at your destination…looks like a regular house from the outside.

Love the interior decor of this place…It’s both cute and cozy. Cafe Jade has two floors. The ground floor is the cute little cafe (when i first walked in i was a bit surprised, i was expecting something bigger) with lovely art pieces hung on the wall and cute bulbs. This is where Thonia and I chilled, had drinks and took pictures.

The second floor is the restaurant. It’s a beautiful space with colorful velvet couches, mirrors, art pieces etc. Stayed here for dinner and drinks on my second visit.

For the picture lovers, i’d say cafe Jade has about 5 picture spots for the gram.

When i went with Thonia on Tuesday, i had the Strawberry extreme. The mocktail tasted good, i liked it. The only issue i had with it was the size of the cup…it was way too small! It was a struggle as i had to keep sipping to keep it from pouring, it was quite messy. If you go to Cafe Jade for your first date don’t order this drink! it might embarrass you! lol

Thonia had the Berry Good Iced Tea

On Thursday evening, I ordered the Jade cooler and it was okay. Paul had the Long Island tea and he thought there was something a little off about it, he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. I didn’t have a taste because i wouldn’t have known the difference, i don’t drink Long Island Tea because it’s usually way too strong for me.

For dinner, i ordered the Grilled Chicken (Quater Grilled Chicken served with a side of your choice and mixed vegetables or coleslaw) i opted for the mixed vegetables and mashed potatoes as my side dish.

When the dish came i was lost for words…

It didn’t look appealing at all! Like the chef just threw a thigh of chicken on a plate of sliced veggies and heaped mashed potatoes on another. This was about 9/10pm so maybe the chef was tired and just couldn’t be bothered or maybe this is how they serve food here? who knows *shrugs

The chicken tasted good though but the portion size of the main dish was too small for my liking.

I ordered another cocktail called the Champagne Cocktail.  it said on the menu to ask the waiter for today’s mix, he gave me three options (can’t remember the other two) i went with the Belini mix…it tasted like normal juice.

A section of Cafe Jade’s menu

Customer Service
The waiters were nice and polite and we didn’t have to wait too long for the food.

Every Tuesday – Friday, from 2pm – 7pm, there’s a 50% discount on meals and drinks.

Strawberry Extreme – 2500
Berry Good Iced Tea – 2000
Jade Cooler – 2000
Champagne Cocktail – 2000
Grilled Chicken – 4000

And that’s all for the review guys! Have you visited before and what was your experience? If you haven’t, will you be visiting soon? Let me know in the comment section below

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