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Danfo Bistro & Dives Lagos | Restaurant Review

Been wanting to visit Danfo Bistro for a while now, I mean it’s been all up in my face on Instagram…my feed, stories, explore page etc. So when my friend asked me for places we could have lunch and chill, I came up with a few options but I knew just where we were going *winks. By the way, I legit just found out the full name is Danfo Bistros & Dives, for some reason i never noticed.

Let’s get on with the review now, shall we? don’t worry it’s going to be a quick one!


It’s located at No 2 Alexander Road, Ikoyi, Lagos.


The space is beautiful and so aesthetically pleasing…love how it draws inspiration from the Danfo Bus and Nigeria in general, from the bright yellow colour, to the bulbs and tables with number plates, african print stools and chairs, wall art etc. Its definitely a space for the alte and cool kids with many picture worthy spots.

Danfo Wall Art At Danfo Bistro

Danfo Bistro Bar

And who knew the famous picture spot was on the rooftop??

Here you can have group hangouts and stuff..pretty cool.


For drinks, I was feeling like a mojito but I also wanted to try something new so I ordered the Danfo Mojito. The difference between this and the Mojito classic is that the Danfo Mojito contains Ogogoro and Palm wine. I only noticed the ogogoro bit after i had placed my order and I had my reservations but it turned out okay…strong but okay.

Mojito Classic From Danfo Bistros And Dives

Ayo had the Mojito Classic

For Food, I really wanted to try the famous Ewa Agonyin but I heard the portion size was really small and a girl was starving. So I opted for the Naija Spaghetti Bolognese and I wasn’t disappointed…It was a whole treat! yummy goodness!! You can bet i’ll be going back to try the Ewa Agonyin and Zobo Sangria, i’ve heard good things lol.

Naija Bolognese From Danfo Bistro

Pages from their menu

Danfo Bistro Food Menu

Danfo Bistro Drink Menu

Read somewhere this menu is temporary, don’t know how true this is

Customer Service

The customer service was great. The waiter that attended to us was all smiles, nice and friendly. The food came on time too.


None that I noticed


Naija Spaghetti Bolognese – 3500

Danfo Mojito – 4000

Mojito Classic – 3000

That’s all for the review guys! Have you visited before and what was your experience? What would you recommend from the menu for my next visit? If you haven’t, will you be visiting soon? Let me know in the comment section below

Thanks for stopping by!



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